Archive: July, 2013


to drop into the lap of love
dancing within the secret life of flowers
like angels on the head of a pin
and to bring within your step a mastery of life
(concern ourselves in the fashion of ephemeral troubles)
have you not heard? the Good News in riddle?
the best story wins
the pieces made to fit together
we cut no corners
it’s meant to give at each its edge
what tune is it in the susurrus atmosphere of the Movie?
the music that makes us solid
as i waltz with a burning one
i know, for one, luck is no beggar
i to have fashioned my own very hands
to have been favored to dip in the gravity of it all
my card without art i dropped in her lap
the story composing itself past anxious first maneuvers
this dream does not end like you think
the best story wins

jeanne d’arc 3

i had a vision of heaven where joan of arc sings the blues
she is lit up in the spotlight of saints
the current of her blood is electric, i can feel it
and she howls as if she were drunk on moonlight
the stage unfolds from where she stands
and joins into the song the very angels
as all in those eternal realms, far and wide, begin to accompany
and heaven’s grand light dims so the spot shows
there is not a dry eye in the house, of sorrow and redemption
as the cherubim lift her high, the only voice
the tune to ripple through the crowds, toward infinity
the stories do not speak of such soul
after midnight among the stars above the stars
out of dreaming’s grasp, to the light beyond the light

The Age of Gold

Our Lord Jesus Christ is also known in the book of Revelation as the Lamb slain at the foundation of the world. Even though this was only two thousand years ago that it happened. One might see that that was the turning point of all history: this is the sacrifice that ended all sacrifice, ended the Age of Iron. And all that that Age entailed. And as Christ was two days in the belly of darkness, below, so did the world enter the dark ages for two thousand years — for a thousand years is as a day to God. We just now are awakening, just now entering the new age, the Age of Gold — itself to last from 30 to 50 thousand years… And only then will come the End of Days…


The Great Blasphemy