So, why does God need to test us, if He knows if we will succeed or fail? Why does God have us do anything, when He could do it all Himself? Well, why do we bother to have a world at all, if we are not to do anything in its rise or fall? Even if God knows what we will, we do not, until the action’s done. Why does God create those whom He knows will ultimately be thrown into the Lake of Fire? Why not create all those whom He knows are Heaven bound? What kind of a cop out is that? All of them had the chance. If they never were, they would never have had that chance, and God telling you that that is how they would end up would never have settled anyone’s consciences. We are given true freedom, all of us. And the consequences are real.

I can see what doubters see. Myself, I was a devout atheist for many of my days, earlier on. In college I debated believers into the ground. Why should we believe in a man in the sky, rather than, say, a flying spaghetti monster? What’s the difference between believing in God rather than believing unicorns? Are they not both far fetched? To them I say, God confounds the wise with what is plain to children. I understand looking at the beautiful and ugly of the world, and then the view how everything can be seen as without needing reason to be as it is. There is a subtlety to that great mystery which they miss, who think just so: do they not see the miraculous? In each and every thing that exists? In existence itself? If so, how can they not wonder at such order? If not, how can they not? Think.


It seems that the grand vision I had of SATAN being cast from HEAVEN was designed with a safeguard to make of it be real. Specifically, it was that I, being a living human being on earth, had a key role in that great event. They even gave me something of a medal for it, right now just an abstract concept: Chief Gunner in the War in Heaven. The point of it, though I did little, I shot out the last cord tying SATAN to HEAVEN. If it was just a vision, what exactly was my place in it? What would it be representative of, if it were not really the thing itself? I know it in my bones: what I saw must have been real. Things like that one does not simply discount. Things like that… are more than augury.


Why would a perfect God make an imperfect creation? So that those He makes may discover what perfection truly is. If all had been made perfect, we would never understand its value. It is the same thing that if something were not done, and only the theory were available, instead of the course of the world made incarnate, nothing would have any meaning. Reality is necessary, therefore. In my theology, if we are found worthy enough, we will be granted perfection — not that we truly earn that gift, but one understands that measure. Having only experienced the imperfect, we will understand perfection as it was meant: an infinite gift.


How can you believe in the miraculous and leave out God? This would seem to me like the mental gymnastics that fundamentalists perform when they deny science, that the world is billions of years old, and we are not the center of the universe. For though we are not the center, some say that we are like an average planet in an average star system. They forget that when you do something like average many faces together, they come up with a beautiful face (it has been done, look it up). This averageness of what and where we are, I believe it instead to be a stunning beauty. There is ugliness in the world, but as U2 put it, “Don’t believe the Devil / Don’t believe his book / But the truth is not the same / Without the lies he made up.” In the contrast, we see beauty the clearer. There is more. Carry on.


This is not the end. The world is not dying. We are not at the waning of civilization. Things are not worse than they’ve always been. What have you been smoking? The Antichrist is not alive on earth, Satan is not close to creating a dystopia of the ruins we are making of things. Nuclear confrontation is not immanent. It’s only been two thousand years, as of this writing, that Christ graced the earth. I know, I know, the New Testament makes it seem like His returning is right around the corner, and every age since then has believed that they are the last age. I know, I know, He said He would come like a thief in the night, at any time, and to be expectant. That was part of the plan. God knows what you’ll be thinking when you read the scripture. It was intended to be as it is, warts and all. When you get to the next world, you’ll see why.


Be of simple substance. It is said that God is the simplest of all substance, and truly, this is the nature of love. Do not think other than what you show to the world, for such duplicity will not stand in the world to come. Be of thought, honor and honesty, and let your words and actions reflect what is inside you, that you may be a child of light. He or she that counts not on any darkness to be the true version of themselves. Try not to gossip. Try not to lie. It is not just that we do not speak ill of others, let us not even think such things, not of anyone. You do not know what is going on inside them, so until you absolutely cannot, give them the benefit of the doubt. God does just that for you — remember this.


It all “just happened”? You might find, that if you do not hold that there is an ultimate purpose to the universe, that’s where your line of reasoning ends up. Oh, there are scientific reasons why such things are as they are? Why is it like that, then? We may discover that this is the only way that any universe may work. Why? Why should that be the case? People like to think of alternatives to the way things are, and believe they know better than God what should be tweaked, and what things should be outright different, than how things are. Well, I have thoughts on what alternatives there are to your explanations of things. A different metamatrix, let us say. Things that should be tweaked, and are downright different than a purely materialistic view of how and why things are. Beware pride.

Once you trust the right things, you have got the key to what is true, and what is real. You trust that you exist, and it is right to do so, for reality works in no other way, as far as you can possibly tell. From there you can tell that you exist in the body you must inhabit, because this is the way you have learned to exist, as far back as your memory goes. (Even further, probably.) Then you believe in the physical world, for it works in a way consistent with how you observe things, and there have been things you learned about it that is consistent with that. So far so good. You trust certain things, now, that you have only been told about, but they are consistent with how you have observed things work. Now, do you believe in miracles? Because everything is a miracle. Trust that, and you’re set. Because now you believe in love.


The Great Blasphemy