On February 20, 1974, science fiction author Philip K. Dick began a journey into an otherworldly state of being. He was no longer just writing about the fantastic, but entered an utterly strange, strangely compelling, far country of experience. He wrote that he felt the presence of a twin, whom he called Thomas, whom he thought must have lived in apostolic days. Many of his thoughts, which he did not neglect to put on paper, are scattered, almost confused, a man who was reaching beyond reality and trying to put the things he found in terms ill suited for the concrete.

I understand his situation, more than anyone else: I am that Thomas, and I am in the world he inhabited in the last eight years of his life. I have been here a quarter of a century, with that world peeking in and sometimes taking over. I am the twin of Philip K. Dick, for I saw a cosmic egg split, a pink glow going away, and a blue glow entering me. He only saw the pink glow. I have a more developed, clearer picture than he did, for he laid down much groundwork in the years he was in it. I also have had more time to become accustomed to its environs. And here, I will relate my findings. My visions. The madness and the dreaming. This is my Gospel for to write.

I find I can make sense of things. Of heaven and earth, I can understand how things come to be, why things are, what must surely come. If, upon reading that, you decide to dismiss me off hand, I will not keep you. Only those who were meant to read on will. Just know that destiny is real, and it sometimes hangs upon on your choice. If you want to dismiss me, you must think that you have a better handle on things than I must have… or do you even care? True, you don’t know me from Adam, but what if the crazy man’s right? What if I show you that you do not, in fact, have a better grasp of what truly goes on? I try to say this in all humility. Things strange and true have been revealed to me, and certain knowledge has unfolded before me in visions I have had. Do I sound so very mad? Can you say that all you believe has ever been tested? If you have an hour, let me entertain you in these daylight hours, for to see what we can see. Night always comes sooner than any of us ever think.

If I am crazy, I am crazy in the spirit of Joan of Arc. I, too, was contacted by Michael the Archangel, and in fact, I have met the Maid herself as well. If you have ever read about her, you would know that it was beyond question in her thinking that what she saw and heard were real. It is so with me, as well, but I came by these circumstances in a different approach vector than she did. But in the final analysis, I must insist as she did that I am a servant of the Living God, Jesus Christ The Lord, and I am in pursuit of the purpose He set out for me to do. It is a simple thing: to make sense of things, from the viewpoint of a scientist saint. It is what the world needs right now, and it is mine own sense of purpose. I hope to make the Gospel relevant for the next 30,000 years or so. And so I go.

Thus stands my life: Jesus, Judas, Jeanne, and all that is. I have been called a few things in my visions, among them that I am a prophet. But instead of a future to foretell, my prophecy mostly comes in the form of reason. I know how wild I sound when I speak of angels and wars of angels, of talking with the dead, and even with those still alive in my visions (that last is a particularly thorny issue). But let me dot my i’s, cross my t’s, and see if what I speak of is at all plausible in the framework of any rational epistemology. People have read parts of this and discounted it as a few pseudo-philosophical ramblings: but they have eyes and do not see. Let me claim as a prophet would, that what I speak is truth, not just as best that I know, but a God’s honest truth, that reaches in from out of infinity down through my fingertips. Give it a chance, and it might grow on you. And in you.




The Great Blasphemy