This is the site for the book that tries to make sense of things.* The world, life, all that matters. Sense of it all, if that is at all possible. Also to make sense of what it starts with: “Judas volunteered.” Perhaps by the end of this little adventure, we will have all these, all sorts of things, sorted.


Like all gospels, this is all Good News. And it is about Jesus Christ, ultimately, however much I decide to digress. And it is what I believe Judas would have wanted of it, why it is titled just as it is. Because he was and is a friend of mine. If you read the text, you may understand just how this might be possible. Truly, one should not be doubting, but believe.

The contents of the book will be based on experiences I have had in the past 25 years or so, a lot of it from the War in Heaven, which I was a soldier fighting in. And a lot of the thoughts I had on various things along the way. I have been able to make sense of a considerable number of things, enough to say that the world, as it is, makes sense to me. As much as it can make sense to a finite being, that is, it being very large, and in comparison, I am very small.

I have found that the key to everything is love. Perhaps you figured this out, too; we must possibly be brothers or such. Hope, faith, and love, but most crucial: love. Without this we are lost. Without this, we are in darkness, which we cannot hope to escape from. (But since there is love, there is always hope. Just believe this and it will be true. Never despair, for any reason.)

I ask that you please comment on any of the posts that you have an opinion on. You must first register and login to do that. Everything on this site has been edited in making the book form of this Gospel.

Thank you for visiting, may the Lord be with you.

p.s. True love. ’Nuff said.

*To read the book from the beginning, go to Prologue, above.


The Great Blasphemy