Walt Disney Is God

“Ostensibly a book about God, Christ, and the New Testament, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JUDAS: A HANDBOOK ON LIFE is not the typical examination of such topics, and as such will be sure to provoke strong feelings regardless of where one’s beliefs lie.”
              [K.J. Pierce for IndieReader]

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It all makes sense.

Say that someone actually found the meaning of life. Do you think anyone would believe him? Because what if he found out what is really happening in this world, in this universe, and it wasn’t just some conspiracy theory? What in fact is really going on behind the curtain of this grand stage? Would anyone listen? And what if the questions are not just idle musings, but someone in fact had a peek at the underlying gears of reality? How the War in Heaven affected everything that ever would be… What you would have, I call The Gospel According to Judas. It is called a handbook on life, because it makes sense of the metaphysics as it may apply to a life to be lived, in the fullest it may possibly be.

It is for seekers of the truth, and for all of us who watch the news and think that it shouldn’t be like this — and yet, hold in highest hope that tomorrow may bring a better day. It’s dense. It’s crazy. But it is true. It is one man’s journey from madness to lucidity, and all that might mean. You’ll meet the spirits of some famous people, some alive and some long gone from the earth. And angels, and demons, and God and Satan. You’ll see how some of the myths you’ve heard turn out to be more than just stories. And how we must open one’s eyes to what is present in the everyday, and the ways it is a miracle.

This is no philosophy for the masses. Or metaphysics. Or theology. Or reality. This is brand new real estate for the mind. By the end, to know that we have always already won… and how the secrets of the universe can be distilled into the one phrase, “Walt Disney is God.”

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Excerpt #1: Gay as a Maypole

There was this time that the Lord [Jesus Christ] showed up in my visions saying he had just come from Hell, saying he had “burned it dow-n!” He looked a little… tweaked… like he had been through quite a trial. A little bug-eyed. And I don’t remember why he brought the subject up, but he also said that he was — and I’m quoting, here — that he was “gay as a maypole”. (It’s a line from the movie Love, Actually.) I was like, OK. And then he paused, and I paused, and he was like, aren’t you going to ask if I was being serious or not? And I was like, no Lord, why would I care about that? He asked me about asking him a few times. And I never asked. It was one of the proudest moments of my life, you know, now that I look back on it. Really, why should anyone care?

There are some people who think that somehow, being Christian makes them just better than everyone else, and therefore, able to judge more rightly the good from the evil. I ask, why is it that they speak of love and have nothing in their heart? Why would Jesus turn away those whom they marginalize? Your idea of God is too small. Your idea of love is wrong. Who told you that the eyes of hate are the tint by which the Almighty views the world? Surely, the perverts and the addicts precede you into the Kingdom. How can you think you mean so well? You damn righteous people and raise yourself as the judges. As you have judged, may you then be judged also. And there will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Heaven will not be governed by the precepts of restriction. It will instead be a reign of freedom. For the Lord came not to enforce the Law, but to free us from the rules. I was once having a conversation with Rachel Maddow, in my visions, sometime after the Lord had said he was, again, “gay as a maypole”. (She didn’t ask him if were serious or not, either. And by the way, I think he was joking. Sometimes hard to tell with the King of Kings, though.) We were talking about such things as being gay, and what it means for such people as far as Judgement goes, from God, and judgement from man. We got into a very interesting idea about what Heaven was going to be like, and for whom it was for.

The War was going on, and I had caught wind of the Devil’s rules of play: it was “anything goes.” So OK, the Lord was like, if that is what you want, we of Heaven can do you one better: Heaven will be a place where anything goes, as well: any kind of twisted pleasure will be available to those who get there. The catch is that you have to be a saint to qualify for entrance, and we do things only if it is right to do so. Given that, leave your hangups in Hell. Gay, straight, transvestite, S&M, whatever sexual thing you’re into, no problem. Drugs? Pot, acid, speed, heroin, coke, or even none of the above — we cater to every taste. Why should those people of Heaven be denied any sort of pleasure at all? Why else would it be called Heaven?

Just remember the catch: saints only need apply. For most people, that’s a long(ish) stay in Purgatory, but the majority of everyone do end up at that level — saint — at least, in my thinking about it. To come to know what is the right, and to let go of the aberrant urges of that which within you dies: the right is true freedom. What is right? Not to follow the rules of man, but to love! Have you not heard? Has it never been revealed to you that God is love? The Heaven of love is one where all are welcomed, and so is for all those who welcome others. If you would shut anyone else out, you yourself will be shut out. And that’s the kind of Heaven I want to be a part of. And that’s the kind of Jesus Christ I believe in.

Excerpt #2: Do You Think I’m an Idiot?

I do know what people think, and I have thought so, too, I will admit. I wrote on a blog about how in 1997 I realized that everything I had been experiencing was just psychosis; I wrote that that was winning a hardfought battle… with my mind, I suppose… As I said, before this last set of visions, I would get somewhat blasted out of my mind, after having done drugs, then I would come down, get medicated, and I would think it was all “just a trip”. So what if none of these things happened, and I never met Albert Einstein, or Joan of Arc, or the Archangel Michael? To think, again, what if it was just the dream mechanism in the mind that broke, and it was nothing more than a waking dream, and there is no reality to such things outside one’s own mind?

The thing is, I have seen things that cannot be so easily explained. More than once, I have seen the future. I have been able to predict what was about to happen. More often than not, if I try and do such prophesying, it’s wrong, but if there is a certain tone to the thought, it happens as foreseen previous to the happening. (There is one prediction, one prophecy that I make: as of writing this, in 2013, things, worldwide — they’re about to take off. This is not the end, this is the beginning, of a grand prosperity. Fantastic things are about to happen.) I cannot discount the visions so lightly. And as everyone who has seen miraculous things will tell you, I know what I saw. (Comes with, when other people say, “Couldn’t it have been just an XXX?” to reply, “Do you think I’m an idiot?”)

Yes, the visions started while I was on drugs. Not this last time though; when they took me over this time, I was on nothing. Not even cold medicine. And what do these visions of Jesus Christ and His angels do to me? They make me live a better life, they make me believe. So you can explain it as me having hallucinations that act just like Jesus and His angels should act, doing what they should be doing, to help me be like a saint is supposed to be, and then to say, “but they’re not real” — when does it become irrational not to believe? Because I passed that point some while back. If you say that such things are not possible, I ask you, how on earth have you come to know all things with such certainty? And, why are you not going around in a van solving crimes?

It’s Out!!!

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There have been others before me who believed that Judas Iscariot was innocent of the crucifixion of The Lord Jesus Christ. But they haven’t seen what I’ve seen. This book is a tribute to him, to try in the smallest part to amend two thousand years falsely accused of deicide. And this book is a doozy.

If you want to go deeper than doubt to find what love truly is…. To discover a new heaven, and a new earth… Where we understand just who that God-man was, who told us to love our enemies, and turned around and did just that… We can learn to see with the eyes of a new eon, whose hour comes ’round at last. And we comprehend the truth: nothing is necessary.

Hearken: the beginning is near.

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Here on this site you will find almost the whole text of the book that this site represents. It is in rough form, 2 rough forms, in fact, firstly a very stream of consciousness, get-it-down-while-it’s-fresh sort of rough draft, and then a revision of that draft, expanding on the very rough, smoothing out the edges. That is all here. After that we go offline, and it’s been gone over a few times with fine tooth comb, to see if we can make the most sense of this wild stuff. The result of that is not on this site, but is available in paperback and Kindle.


to drop into the lap of love
dancing within the secret life of flowers
like angels on the head of a pin
and to bring within your step a mastery of life
(concern ourselves in the fashion of ephemeral troubles)
have you not heard? the Good News in riddle?
the best story wins
the pieces made to fit together
we cut no corners
it’s meant to give at each its edge
what tune is it in the susurrus atmosphere of the Movie?
the music that makes us solid
as i waltz with a burning one
i know, for one, luck is no beggar
i to have fashioned my own very hands
to have been favored to dip in the gravity of it all
my card without art i dropped in her lap
the story composing itself past anxious first maneuvers
this dream does not end like you think
the best story wins

jeanne d’arc 3

i had a vision of heaven where joan of arc sings the blues
she is lit up in the spotlight of saints
the current of her blood is electric, i can feel it
and she howls as if she were drunk on moonlight
the stage unfolds from where she stands
and joins into the song the very angels
as all in those eternal realms, far and wide, begin to accompany
and heaven’s grand light dims so the spot shows
there is not a dry eye in the house, of sorrow and redemption
as the cherubim lift her high, the only voice
the tune to ripple through the crowds, toward infinity
the stories do not speak of such soul
after midnight among the stars above the stars
out of dreaming’s grasp, to the light beyond the light


The Great Blasphemy