Walt Disney Is God

“Ostensibly a book about God, Christ, and the New Testament, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JUDAS: A HANDBOOK ON LIFE is not the typical examination of such topics, and as such will be sure to provoke strong feelings regardless of where one’s beliefs lie.”
              [K.J. Pierce for IndieReader]

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It all makes sense.

Say that someone actually found the meaning of life. Do you think anyone would believe him? Because what if he found out what is really happening in this world, in this universe, and it wasn’t just some conspiracy theory? What in fact is really going on behind the curtain of this grand stage? Would anyone listen? And what if the questions are not just idle musings, but someone in fact had a peek at the underlying gears of reality? How the War in Heaven affected everything that ever would be… What you would have, I call The Gospel According to Judas. It is called a handbook on life, because it makes sense of the metaphysics as it may apply to a life to be lived, in the fullest it may possibly be.

It is for seekers of the truth, and for all of us who watch the news and think that it shouldn’t be like this — and yet, hold in highest hope that tomorrow may bring a better day. It’s dense. It’s crazy. But it is true. It is one man’s journey from madness to lucidity, and all that might mean. You’ll meet the spirits of some famous people, some alive and some long gone from the earth. And angels, and demons, and God and Satan. You’ll see how some of the myths you’ve heard turn out to be more than just stories. And how we must open one’s eyes to what is present in the everyday, and the ways it is a miracle.

This is no philosophy for the masses. Or metaphysics. Or theology. Or reality. This is brand new real estate for the mind. By the end, to know that we have always already won… and how the secrets of the universe can be distilled into the one phrase, “Walt Disney is God.”

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