(Have you read the Prologue?)

Judas volunteered.

I was Chief Gunner in the War in Heaven, and my codename was crowfeather. I had been first contacted on October 7, 1988, around 9pm eastern daylight time at Carnegie Mellon University — by an infinite light, like Yang of Yin and Yang, the trim of God’s light; which told me I was not that light (and I was nothing compared to that light) — center everywhere, circumference nowhere — drafted, to fight the good fight. In the war in eternity.

There never was a Hell, only a Black Iron Prison, superimposed over the world, visible only in a psychedelic nightmare. If you look in the painting, Garden of Delights, by Bosch, in the third panel, “Hell”, you can see in the far back the building I visited (more than once) when I was imprisoned for a short time each time there.

But Judas Iscariot, the one that was lost, what became of him?

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