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The Machine

One last thing: I have felt the presence of what I call the MACHINE. Philip K. Dick expressed it as, “The Empire never ended.” You can see it too: whenever someone follows rules blindly, where compassion may be shown instead, if they only had a heart: these are the actions of the MACHINE. Where instead of being a human being, they forego humanity to become one with the mechanistic cold of the Black Iron. And as Phil observed, to fight the MACHINE is to follow such mechanistic process. It is a living death. Heed this advice: whenever you can break the rules so that you show common decency to your fellow human, do it. Let love be your rule. This is the path of life.

The Work

Love is work. This is the world we are presented. Satan did not realize that his making a wreck of things made a worthy ground for creation. Why things are as they are is in large part by adversity. Without Satan, there would be no adversity, and many, many things would be only of academic value. This is not to say that evil will ultimately be forgiven: this just shows how God handles adversity: it is with such skill that it looks like Satan is doing God’s will. This is in no wise the case; he does everything in opposition to what he perceives is God’s will. You cannot win against the God who is love. This is where the whole issue of pride comes in, that somehow, the thought was followed that the creation can prove greater than the creator. Not Satan’s way, can this be so. Evil by its very nature cannot sustain itself, much less a world.

So what Satan did was that within creation, now love is no longer free, but instead, that love needs work. That there is pain, and that it is not fun. There is randomness rampant in the cosmos, disasters to kill and maim great swaths of population without thought as to who is deserving and who is not. In this world, Satan is its prince, for how else could he have tempted the Lord with all the world’s kingdoms? This is a world where evil is easy, and good is hard. So life is the test of whom you belong to: will you do the work that God intended for you, or will you go the path of least resistance, follow only that which is easy, and what gives you advantage? This world has now become a worthy test for God’s children to prove themselves worthy of the life they are given. Courage, child. God is love.


I come not to reassure all who call Christ, Lord, that their places in Heaven are certain. I will love as Jesus loved us, and sing my song to the sinners, the Godless, the heathens, the pagans, the addicts, the perverts, the prostitutes, those who dwell in the darkness by choice or profession. I am Saint Jude the Tuned In — the twin of Philip K. Dick, who is Saint Jude the Tuned Out — and I am patron saint of all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, transsexuals, transvestites, and all you other FREAKS out there. Those who would malign these who are different, who give no effort to understand, your own excuses will those of the heights give no effort to acknowledge. As you have judged, so shall you be judged. Love returns to its source, and so does hate.

By Faith

How strong is your faith? It is true that for beginners, we would like to nurture their faith in a friendly environment, not rock their boats too severely. But those who have claimed to believe, and they have their faith rest on flimsy foundation: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on God having made the heaven and the earth in six twenty-four hour days: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on marriage only between a man and a woman: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on a Jesus Christ who hates anyone, we don’t want you. Because we were not told to abandon reason and science, to abandon compassion, to abandon forgiveness for anyone who asks for it. Why don’t we forgive you for such things? Because you do not forgive others, fools. He told us to love, and you do not follow that commandment. What hope is there for you?

So, where in our souls we have said no to the Holy Spirit, these places are where we have died. If there is a Purgatory, it is a place to let go of these things, to let the dead die and never again bring them to mind. Where the holy fire burns away all sin, that once we are bathed in the river Lethe, we may enter Heaven true saints: without sin. This is the gift of God to us. Nothing we can possibly earn, only that the love of God is so great that He forgives us, even though we are undeserving. Such is the salvation of the Lord.


Eternity has revealed itself to me as if in a fourth spatial dimension, as I could perceive it from the framework of a mortal, out of my third, or ajna eye. And I saw those who were trapped in the lower realm, those who would never (some, never again) touch the face of God. Those were the faces of the dead. Of those living, those of the Living God, time is limitless, and spent at one’s leisure; for those cast from Heaven, and those among those born on earth who chose that fate, they are as if trapped in a sphere of the aethers, never (again) to reach out to the reaches of infinity. They chose the finite, they chose the domain of evil, which was not allowed to stay in Heaven, and was therefore cast out, never again to taint the holy realms. Not to breathe of the air of paradise.

Meant To Be

True love is a love that is meant to be, beyond all imagination. It has never once surfaced in the waking world, no matter what the storybooks say. A love that is meant to be is the reward, and we on this world are involved not in the destination, but the journey. Along the way, we will find meaning here and there, and we will find love that is meant to be, of a sort; but the meaning of true love, the love divine — this is stuff not to be comprehended while still within the sphere of the material. Only transcendent can such love exist, and it is too big for the entire world to hold. Thus the idea of there being a meaning of life one believes that there is an answer, but we will always be short of formulating one that is at all satisfying. Like trying to say what love it, for the meaning of it all surely is that, looked at in the proper light. This is the mystery of life.

Big Picture

Does the world make sense to you? If not, you are among the vast majority. And it is probably because you do not see the whole picture, or “the big picture” as it is sometimes called. Those of us who reach a level of transcendence have seen the big picture, or enough of it to sort out what is visible to everyone. Because to see merely what is material, this is not to see the whole route of where destiny leads, for most of the people in the world. Everyone has a destiny. If you see only a part of the puzzle and think that is all there is, you will never solve it. Thus to think that the world is inherently meaningless: because the meaning is not seen with those eyes that you are used to. And too, sometimes to think it makes sense because you see only a piece of the piece (where things work out), and you are only playing with toys. For to see the grandness is also all the tragedy and woe, and to know where these things fit, too. The mote in the eye of God.

“Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.” Julian Huxley said that, and I can quite see his point, why it looks as it does. But what if God always was at a place we can never reach — namely, infinity — and before, the primitive means of understanding Him that He gave us were like an adult who stoops down to the level of a child? As the child learns more, he finds that the world is so much richer than he had ever thought before, and more mysterious. God’s connection to the world seems more and more subtle not because He has changed, but that our understanding of everything has changed; ultimately it is to transcend knowledge, if one is ever ready for it, a pure perception then that God is beyond, beyond all things… and is waiting for us to comprehend the magnitude of heaven.


The Great Blasphemy