Meant To Be

True love is a love that is meant to be, beyond all imagination. It has never once surfaced in the waking world, no matter what the storybooks say. A love that is meant to be is the reward, and we on this world are involved not in the destination, but the journey. Along the way, we will find meaning here and there, and we will find love that is meant to be, of a sort; but the meaning of true love, the love divine — this is stuff not to be comprehended while still within the sphere of the material. Only transcendent can such love exist, and it is too big for the entire world to hold. Thus the idea of there being a meaning of life one believes that there is an answer, but we will always be short of formulating one that is at all satisfying. Like trying to say what love it, for the meaning of it all surely is that, looked at in the proper light. This is the mystery of life.

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