By Faith

How strong is your faith? It is true that for beginners, we would like to nurture their faith in a friendly environment, not rock their boats too severely. But those who have claimed to believe, and they have their faith rest on flimsy foundation: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on God having made the heaven and the earth in six twenty-four hour days: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on marriage only between a man and a woman: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on a Jesus Christ who hates anyone, we don’t want you. Because we were not told to abandon reason and science, to abandon compassion, to abandon forgiveness for anyone who asks for it. Why don’t we forgive you for such things? Because you do not forgive others, fools. He told us to love, and you do not follow that commandment. What hope is there for you?

So, where in our souls we have said no to the Holy Spirit, these places are where we have died. If there is a Purgatory, it is a place to let go of these things, to let the dead die and never again bring them to mind. Where the holy fire burns away all sin, that once we are bathed in the river Lethe, we may enter Heaven true saints: without sin. This is the gift of God to us. Nothing we can possibly earn, only that the love of God is so great that He forgives us, even though we are undeserving. Such is the salvation of the Lord.

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