We Won!

> From this, and this.

Let me begin again. I will begin at the end. We won! Let me tell it three times, in fact:

  1. My role as Chief Gunner was for one single purpose: I pulled the trigger to shoot out the last cord that held Satan in Heaven. And down he was cast, into the earth, by Michael the Archangel, who was my captain (my liege being one Jesus Christ, my Lord, my King).
  2. There, huge before me in my vision, was the immense black mass of SATAN, speckled here and there with white spots, sky blue flecks, bits of yellow glitter. I do not know how long, exactly, that Michael had been grappling with him. I was full in focus — almost to commit an error, which the Archangel accounted for — and I with steady hand aimed and pulled that psychic trigger. I heard the emotion, “NOOOOOOOOO!” from the Evil One, and saw the Archangel dispatch him down.
  3. That pivotal moment in my visions: it was tense. That is what I seem to recall of when I entered the field where Satan was to be cast out. I had been fighting alongside angels in the War in preparation for what was about to commence, inspired by Joan of Arc the whole time this had been happening. I had seen the punch-through in the map of HALOSPACE where there was victory, final victory: confidence was high. But this was no mean task. Michael guided me as I faced SATAN, and I almost tried to stare him down with the Archangel powering my eyes: my (almost) error. Repositioning, I looked up, directing SATAN’s gaze to Michael’s, above and below, in a column. Then I shot, the psychic trigger that cut that last cord that tied him to HEAVEN, and SATAN roared: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! As the Archangel forced him down, down, out of HEAVEN cast!

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