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So, what I am seeing in my visions, for the most part, I call the bare metal of creation: the view of its gears. (Though bare plastic is what it seems more like to me more often than not.) Philip K. Dick must also have had his own version of this view, I am sure. And there, was this once when I glimpsed something, perhaps the most important thing I ever witnessed. It took all of about 5 to 10 seconds to see: when our Lord realized the final, and total victory of good vs. evil, Jesus Christ over Satan. The Lord had such an expression on his face, one of almost disbelief, of a great worry that had just passed into an incredible relief. An onerous weight suddenly and irrevocably lifted from his deepest moment. He let out a high-strung laugh, like to express, “It is finished!” and maybe I imagined he said something at all; it was his expression that most struck me.

This is what happens backstage, as it were. Where the setting is minimal and purely functional, for the most part. This is the reality I’d grown used to. Now is that recognition of the culmination of victory stored within in the record of reality, in the arrangement of neurons utilized to store that memory. I suppose that would be one of the reasons I was privy to that vision. And now I relate it to you, so that you may know: not only have we always already won, we have won in the hard of reality, for all time. We won in truth. That the final victory is ours, praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our savior. As I live and breathe, may I ever bear witness to all this which I have seen. To dream of where the light casts no shadow, and truth is the only knowledge that visits the soul.

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