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The women I’ve had relationships with… I’m definitely a legend in my own mind. (Only in my mind, though. Reality was always tougher.) For one, I was pursued and did myself pursue Rosanna Arquette for the longest time. What did Eris’ Apple of Discord say? “For the prettiest”? Forsooth, that would be her, at least, circa 1987 or so. She came into the picture when the visions started, early on, in 1991. When I initially had thought I was talking to the same spirits of the people I saw as cartoons, as to be able to transmit and receive messages to their current earthbound forms, I ended up going to New York City a couple times to meet up with her because she said that she’d be there. Of course, those were just half baked, pipe dream journeys, but they were sort of fun, anyway.

I think she had that cultural issue that kept her from being attracted to asians, so it was basically doomed from any start, right there. But at the time, I really believed that it was true love, and that we were bound together in a strange method. There was this one time that someone came closest to breaking us up: I was involved in some drama with her on the side: and that was Audrey Hepburn. But I remember, I couldn’t help introducing her as, “cultural icon”, so that wasn’t going to work, either. Years went on, and the woman in my head became a woman who was real, and she was a hottie, too; then she broke up with me, then we got back together, then not, but still present in my fantasy world, eventually to find out that on earth she’d married and had a baby. C’est la vie. Then I had a rebound relationship, in my mind, with a Russian model I knew, and then… and then… I was found. That was Joan of Arc. Quite a journey. Such is love, no?

I guess I should talk about the fifth member of my inner cabal, too. I have had a friendship with Albert Einstein that has seen it all. It was known to go through a few troubles, mostly me being the one doing someone wrong — but not always. He was one of my closest friends, and though I spent probably the most time with him that any of my other 4 closest, I always saw him most as a colleague, a kindred spirit in science. He had the most input when I was working on my artificial intelligence. And metaphysics: I actually saw the black dot when we were discussing information and structure as what makes up the stuff of the cosmos. (I corrected him on a point there, whereupon the black dot popped up. I don’t think he ever forgave me for one-upping him there. Heh.)

Some people it was said thought of Albert as if he were not quite of this earth. That he seemed almost alien. Myself, I saw him quite differently: the most human human being that I’d ever met. And I mean human in the noblest of the meaning. (Why exactly do I have to say that? Are we really that bad, prototypically?) And you know, I loved him so much that I found a way to convert him to Christianity, just in case… but the Lord sort of made fun of me because I did: saying of him, “You didn’t think we saved Einstein?” Sort of an incredulous tone, yiddish accent. The implications, though, of that statement! You know what it means, right? Basically, He’s saying, “We’re going to save whomever we want to save.” Whatever, to your ideas that He must follow the letter of salvation’s law! What do you poor relations know about love?

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