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Somehow, we must remove the notion from us of our own infallibility. It is a hindrance like no other. Somehow we can discern the faults of everyone but our own selves, because we always have a reason why this or that thing of ours went afoul, so that we seem always to be justified. Do you see that to live purely in the echo chamber of our rationalizations is literally to become an idiot?

We must constantly strive to see the right in everyone else, and see the wrong in us, because the balance is always stacked the other way. Our selves will always get in the way of any selfless notion — by their definitions, this must be the case. There was only ever one of us who did nothing wrong, and I think on the day of judgement, we will be surprised — shocked — by the amount and number of the ills we have rendered, the injustices we were responsible for that we have overlooked, all the while pointing at the mote in our brothers’ eye, seeking all that we thought was unfair to us to be redressed, and all that which we did of the dishonorable overlooked. Stupidity and madness. I do not think this will be how the Judge will look at things, who sees all, dispassionate. Who is judgement’s judgement, and KNOWS why you did it…

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