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Once I awoke, or was awoken, in the middle of the night. I felt so strange, when I did, that for a moment thought that I might be having a stroke. I breathed in and out deeply a couple of times to settle my nerves. What I saw before me was a vision of a dimly lit golden space, and I was then shown my relation to it: how paltry was all of everything that I knew, that I had conceived of or measured, and how stretched forth that dimly lit golden space in what could be known. The sheer expanse of what was possible. It went on, and out, and kept going, most probably infinite, but I could not tell, as I was merely a finite soul wading in a pool whose foundations were architected by God Himself.

Surely, we cannot think that we have anything like “just a little more” to figure out in science. We were that smug just before Einstein broke that sentiment, late 19th and early 20th century. We have barely scratched the surface. We as of this writing cannot even make most of the proteins that comprise us, and these are some of our basic building blocks. Not even all of physics is unified, surely not to brave the concept of all of science to be unified, from pure mathematics to perhaps psychology, or anthropology, or sociology. Do we truly, in our pride, seek to know the mind of God? How, when we do not know even what it is in our own? Physician, heal thyself.

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