Judas, in Light

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To believe that Judas volunteered is to acknowledge that the evangelists who wrote the Gospels changed the actual story substantively, at least partly from not knowing the actual story, and we cannot gloss over these changes. But if you think about it, this must have happened. Anyone who thinks that the Bible is absolutely coherent and consistent is working a special sort of schizophrenia. Really? It is the Jews’ fault that our Lord got crucified by the Romans? They cry, “his blood be on us and our children”? Really? And we know that the Barabbas story is almost definitely untrue, that no one was ever set free because the Jews wanted it on their holy day. The scriptures are peppered with such errors, whether they are blatant fabrications or just honest or copying mistakes.

The gospels, you realize, don’t agree how certain things happened, or in what order, so if we try to reconcile all their inconsistencies, we then create a new gospel, which certainly didn’t happen in any way that we make out. For my part, the information about Judas being innocent of history’s charges came from On High. Any attack on that idea, within the HALOSPACE, has only come from the forces of evil. Only from the darkness do I get fuel for my doubts; all light that shines upon the matter only reconfirms Judas’ lack of culpability. I still wait for a revision of it, when I’ll be told that the mainstream view is actually correct; hasn’t happened yet, and it looks like it never will. I only seem to get further confirmation of this minority report. When is it irrational not to believe the incredible? What would they say, “Two billion Christians can’t be wrong”? Except when all they’ve ever known are stories, that they mistake for history.

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