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I was given the exact signal once, or what was supposed to be it, with all that I knew or thought I knew, “One of you shall betray me.” It was a positive signal, not a damning one (as far as I could tell), to go along with the rest of all my “Judas volunteered” intel. But I know not the source of that signal; it may, in fact, have been somewhat confused. Like the existing gospels, the one that gave me the signal I believe had his own agenda in mind when he proffered it. For I know not how exactly how it must have felt for Judas to have received his cue, on that ultimate evening, that critical night.

To make sense of the innocence of Judas, whether we have a complete picture or not, at the point where he got that signal, Judas went and got his 30 pieces of silver and arranged for the Lord’s capture; or more likely, if Judas had gone to the Pharisees before that, he and the Lord must have discussed it previous to his going. I saw in my visions, after all, the symbolic interpretation of him going into that meeting. Maybe I’ll get more intel on the matter, some telling revelation that awaits the proper prompt, the proper state of mind or grace. “Judas volunteered” is a hard teaching, indeed. Like the bitter medicine this world needs to cure it of its long ignored insanity.

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