Granted, Again

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It really is amazing just how much we take for granted. I harp on this point a lot. One would imagine that an extreme case of it would be the tweets after Christmas of spoiled children not having gotten the exact color iPhone, and subsequently posting, and I quote, “FML”. Seriously? Do you even have the barest awareness that there are other people in the universe at all? I suppose you can say, however, that we are all guilty of this, if you think about it a bit, perhaps it being only a matter of degree what we truly do not give a second thought to. How much we are totally unaware of, because like fish who have no idea what water is, we rely upon these necessities just as matters of fact, and think no further on them.

But let us imagine, let us go, to the other extreme: in the other direction, which might be to recognize that all good things we have we are given, and even that good which we do have not source in us at all — that only the mistakes we make are truly ours. Our intelligence, our ability, our will (if true), our capability to exert effort — all these are gifts, even all the elements of developing skill in anything at all. All of whatever is good ultimately comes from God. Really, all we actually are composed of are the small sparks our brain makes when deciding something. Be therefore thankful, in the worst of your moments. There is still hope, even in these, and that hope, too, is a gift.

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