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Why would a perfect God make an imperfect creation? For one, you can argue, so that those He makes may discover what perfection truly is. Remember about the fish who doesn’t know what water is? We who toil on earth, God’s footstool — if Heaven is a “perfect” version of earth, Heaven being God’s throne, how incredible it must be to do something like toast a piece of bread. If all had been made perfect on the earth, we most probably would never understand its value. It is just like how I learned to appreciate the everyday functioning of things when I was drowning in failure. Before He came and saved me. I never looked at anything the same ever again, after that. Work is magic.

In my theology, if we are found worthy enough, we will be granted perfection — for it will not be that we truly earn that gift, but one does understands that a certain standard is there to cross. Having only experienced the imperfect, we will understand perfection as it was meant: an infinite gift. Satan is the opposite of this course, for he and his angels were born into the privilege of Heaven and its perfection. And instead of appreciating that which was all around him, decided that even the best was not good enough, and wanted not just what God gave him, but everything, and power, too. Apparently he ruined a part of Heaven, which became what I call the “unfair Hell”. (There being a “fair Hell”, too. Not that there is any actual Hell, just convenient in naming are they.)

So the infinite gift of perfection: break it and it becomes finite, it would appear. And then, being finite, anything imperfect cannot by itself become infinite and perfect again; no such thing as perfect have we mortals ever experienced. Such would be why Jesus Christ had to stay perfect: else the infinite would have been permanently lost to the earth. So much was riding on that one life. And so is it even given to us: the promise never broken, throughout an entire lifetime: such is the approximation of the infinite, available even to we, the imperfects of mortals.

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