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Be of simple substance. It is said that God is the simplest of all substance, and truly, this is the nature of love. Do not within yourself think things other than what you show to the world, for such duplicity will not stand in the world to come. It is a hard teaching, but worth it. Be of thought, honor and honesty, and let your words and actions reflect what is inside you, that you may be a child of light. For this is how we are meant to be, of one substance, and not a fractured mess of questionable motives. Be not but love. Do not but love. This is the lesson of the saints, and we follow the example of our Lord.

Be he or she that counts not on any darkness to be the true version of themselves. Try not to gossip. Try not to lie. And the point, here, should be emphasized: it is not just that we should not and do not speak ill of others, let us not even think such things, not of anyone. You do not know what is going on inside them, so until you absolutely cannot grant them any more slack, give them the benefit of the doubt. God does similarly for you — remember this. He comprehends your motives, right and wrong, and lets the sun shine upon you in any wise, whether you be of light or dark. See then if you can pass the true test: when you discover that their bent is wrong, can you love them still?

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