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What logic can be gleaned over the great swath of spiritual phenomena observed and reported? Is there any? Surely the spiritual world is unlike how things happen in the physical world; even two people of the same religion will see very different landscapes, while both claim to have true vision. If we take some sets of visions as having reality, say, from the prophets of the Bible, can we form a theory to how things just might work in this “unseen” world? What if the idea of form, the most basic of substance, is fundamentally different? What can we think of as true? For many come and go telling us of how we may view the events that occur in that world, and many are false teachers, only a few shall we hold as having been sent by the Most High.

Surely, that which actually relates of something in another place and/or time in the physical world, then means some reality must be accounted it. We can only hold that vision of the unseen world to be true when it has ground in the world that is seen. Even if the world that is seen is only temporary, and what is unseen is eternal. The Bible itself says what a prophet may claim must have basis in the physical world to determine if he is true, and so his visions come from God, instead of his own imagination. Perhaps it is the only indicator that whatever else the prophet says is true. If not, we have no obligation, and in fact, no basis to believe. And I think God lets it be known that this is the only trust.

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