The Christ

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Before I forget: Jesus is the Christ. This became evident to me only after years of Him banging his heart against this mad bugger’s wall. I had been in communication with him since 1991, but I was going through a massive messiah complex at the time, so whatever clues were dropped my way, I either ignored them or denied they said anything at all. As far as I could tell, what my psyche’s area where these visions happened, the HALOSPACE, it was like a land overgrown with wild, weedy notions, from what I built as a subconscious through the years. Basically, his standing was beneath me in my mind, in that SPACE, so the Lord worked his way up. I remember him being on his knees, praying, for what looked like months. Eventually he won me over, and now I proudly say he is King over any space where I am. I owe him everything.

Only after I truly believed did all the clues make sense. When I remember my looking through his point of view, and the fact that he never makes a mistake, ever, and can in fact solve every mathematical problem you can pose him (if he feels like it, he doesn’t have time to suffer every fool), can predict what’s going to happen to the dot, never lies, and can call Superman a wimp, and has an infinite IQ (if that has any meaning to you), and has told me about the light of God that he is that light (which I was told I am not, by that light), then what you have, my dear friends, is the literal Son of God, in the only job that is fit for him: messiah. That’s what Christ means, literally, “the anointed”, which is another way of saying “king”. He is KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

Being in that position, what he really wants from us is not the grasping in the air of a simpering weakling barely holding on, but at your strongest, to give him your full allegiance. Remember, between what he’ll take and what he wants spans an incredible range of human disposition. Sometimes he’ll let the world turn you into a complete wreck, so you’ll learn what humility is. And that’s important, being the opposite of pride (the sin from which all sins come). Only in that way will he take you. And he’ll acknowledge even the faintest “yes”, but what he wants is… well, he wants it all. For you to hold nothing back from him. For you to give him mind, body, soul, spirit, and strength. But why would you possibly hold anything back? If one were to trust one thing — even more than oneself, if it be possible — it is to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the clue to life.

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