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Love is truth. What is love? If the universe existed and there were no love, would we all live in shadow, in Hades or Sheol, the ancient realm of the dead. I have some experience with what such a world might be like. Like I told you about the night I ended up in the hospital, I seemed to be in a dimension where some of what makes things real had been sucked away. I imagine the netherworld of old would have been that to the nth degree, void of light to the point of the dimmest gray, which is the color of Limbo.

What is real? To you? How much, how far, will we succumb to the illusion, of material riches and numbers on the bottom line: gold, supercars, mansions, yachts: not even that we should own them, but to drool over them, and how we envy the people who “have”? Love is free, dear child, and it is all in all that can mean anything in the whole wide world, all that can give meaning to anything. We will find that the ground of being itself owes its very soul to love.

What is love? For if you think that love comes cheap, you mistake a van Gogh for a chewing gum wrapper. If you think to have power is to have power over love, you are sorely wrong. For you cannot buy love, you cannot force love, you cannot cage love. Love would rather die than that another should have power over it. The best definition I’ve found so far of what it is: Love is give, and not take. That phrase is a wonder. And it’s from the schlocky ’80s movie Electric Dreams. Funny where is hidden the fathoms of wisdom. Such is love.

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