The Secret

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Remember: there is no question, love is the answer. Recall: the secret is love, tell everyone. The Mystery surely is so simple that we never truly grasp it. The way that beauty manifests in this world, what we all react to, what we all long after: there is such holy reason that underlies every single curve that if one were to truly contemplate it, we would become lost in the grandness of it all. And you do not want to exist in a state of constant satori, please understand. The Mystery is known in some circles as the Tao, and others as Brahman, and as the Godhead, and as transcendence itself. It itself has no power, but by it may you approach the Knowledge, the Certainty, and the Power of love. The only danger is that you may lose yourself in it.

The ordinary hides its sublime beauty in the disguise of the obvious, for even in the repetition is the triumphant of energies. Sift sand through your fingertips and into your other hand, and feel the luxurious dance of particles in fleeting moment imbue the sensation. And how are we, who are greater than sand, to make one another feel, not just by touch, but by the faculty that sands do not possess? The Mystery is to find the Way that one should live, which is not one way, but Freedom. Why are we here? Animals are here to reproduce; and if we may turn that setting up an order of magnitude, we are here to love. Like all emergent phenomena, we of the individual issues that are comprised of such a high coalesce societies ants could never dream of. The Mystery is no mystery. The Mystery is love. It is what makes the difference.

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