Chesire Cat

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“Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.” Julian Huxley said that, and I can quite see his point, why it looks as it does. Right? What Huxley is talking about is that we used to think the answer for everything was simply, “God”. Lightning, rain, sunlight — God controlled everything. Now that we’ve found the scientific connections and explanations, where is there room for God? Way back when, in Eden, He would come down to earth and walk among us, tell us directly what we should and shouldn’t be doing. From that, in the generations to come, He would retreat, farther and farther up in His cloud, so that in these days, He is almost like a rumor rather than the Main Story.

Well, for my part, God has spoken to me, directly, though it was much of the time like unto the prophets of old, where true He spoke, but He spoke in riddles to me. I am no Moses. And you are now reading the book of my prophecy, what the Lord revealed to me, some directly, some teased out of the Mystery.

What if God always was at a place we can never reach — namely, infinity — and before, the primitive means of understanding Him that He gave us were like an adult who stoops down to the level of a child? As the child learns more, he finds that the world is so much richer than he had ever thought before, and more mysterious. God’s connection to the world seems more and more subtle not because He has changed, but that our understanding of everything has changed; ultimately that our purpose in knowing: it is to transcend knowledge… if one is ever ready for it, a pure perception then how God is beyond, beyond all things… and waits for us to comprehend the magnitude of heaven.

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