The Measurement of the Height

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I read in the book A History of God mention of a mystic text called Shiur Qomah (The Measurement of the Height), and the image that was invoked by the few pages in which it is described left quite an impression on me. In the measurement of God, the basic unit is the parasang, which equivalent to 180 trillion “fingers”, and each of those “fingers” stretches from one end of the earth to the other. Of course, it isn’t supposed to be taken literally, but it puts into perspective the kind of scale we should be thinking in when we conceive of the Divine. (Surely this speaks of how blind may pride make of us, that any of us would put our own intellect as holding a better logic than how this speaks of the Most High. Yet every time we commit a wrong, we are doing just that.)

I had this image one day of the garment of Him, each thread the diameter of a world, and each thread composed down to nanometer scales, with images in motion down the thread in the cross section, which one could only view if one cut it open — and this, no one would ever do. These threads sewn together by the seraphim, the “burning ones” in such infinite elaborations to make the holy cloth as the raiment of the “I AM”… Heady. It reminds me of the prayer that declares not to think I am something, but instead to know I am nothing. We should heed such a humility, when faced with such possible glory of what may be, above. And we wonder why we do not understand the purposes of such a being.

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