(Some notes I took during the War in Heaven. It’s sort of weird.)

Christ defeats Antichrist! [1/5/13 4:21am EST New York City]

I’m how they landed. (Satan and his minions.) At the close of the War in Heaven.

Satan asked me how I’ll get to heaven with the door closed. I answered, “I’m there already.”

I am one of the two lampstands, one of the two olive trees, that stand before the Lord of the earth (Jesus Christ).

All of heaven is safe.

Rich Wagner (whom I met on earth) is the Antichrist.

It begins. [6:24am]

It’s done. [8:03am]

Satan said, “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” I replied, “Be gone, Satan.” I misspelled it “begone,” however.

Satan said, “No, that was a lie.” [8:54am]

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