All You Need Is Love

(Something I wrote up but ended up not using in the book.)

I have always thought that the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” is the greatest pop song ever to have been written. The line that made me realize it: “nowhere you can be that isn’t where you meant to be” and of course the line that follows: “all you need is love.” I then looked at all the places where I had been in my life and found that this is entirely true. In fact, all the other declarations are all also true. But the “nowhere” line really hit it home: it is to decide to do the best with what we have, and to do so is love: wherever you are, you can make of it the place you are meant to be. It is not the reverse, where you are a helpless puppet of fate. I think God made not the world that way. It is one where we are freely given the gifts we are meant to use, for the good of all we can reach. All you need is love.

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