The book is now in the hands of a friend of mine, who’s going to edit it. He’s had a few books published himself, but I wonder if he knows what to do with it? I’m sure it’s unlike anything he’s ever handled before, or maybe even read before. I went through it myself when I had a couple test prints done of it from Lulu.com. Basically my own editing, maybe I’ll go through it another pass. See if I like the order of things as it stands.

Anyway, there is one unsolved mystery in the whole adventure. For even when I think on strange things, they resolve to something real. But when I got to the mental hospital, that first day, they handed me two slips of paper and they told me they were my parents’ numbers. But the numbers I did not recognize at all, not to mention why they had two numbers when my parents lived together. I threw those numbers away, the angels told me to. Strangeness, no?

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The Great Blasphemy