Romeo & Juliet

> From this. What if, at the end of the day, Romeo and Juliet were not meant for each other? And it was exactly this quality that made them what they were? What if “meant to be” is actually really boring, and what that really is is all the people who got together without the […]


> From this. i hear tell there is a flower which blooms only in the darkness: if light were displayed upon it would it immediately turn to dust. now, how it is it may be i have heard but scant the rumors, rare few who faintly claim they have seen what the flower in its […]


> From this. Sing the song that songs cannot sing. Write the words that words cannot say. Draw what cannot be pictured, dance in ways the body cannot go. Find the inspiration for it all from the God who is love, for love is the greatness that greatness can aspire to. The eternal that lives […]


> From this. In a passing moment in the Dreaming, once, outside of sleep and in my visions: I from this certain perch perceived the notion, conceived of a very curious thing. Originally not even put into words I could hear, but existing as a partially conceived cartoon and almost purely semantic in thought, thus […]


> From this. The following just came to me one sunny day, and the Lord remarked that it was the best thing I’d ever written: There was a light, but it faded. It was not faith. There were visions, but they twisted. They were not faith. There was a feeling, but it was illusory. It […]

Whatever Evil

> From this. If you believe, then you must believe this: that whatever evil, it will inevitably play into the purpose of God. This, I think, is the most difficult point to reconcile, and perhaps the key to the entire puzzle of existence. It is where, I think, we have the sticking point that people […]

Keep Going

> From this. It was during a discussion I was having with Einstein (about reasons why) that the question popped up, which I have mentioned before. We were talking about how “why this” begat “why that,” and “why that” begat another why. Both at the same time, we asked, “What if it keeps going?” Both […]


The Great Blasphemy