What is true love? It is the meaning of life. Everything you’ve heard about it is true, even the lies. All contradictions apply, all at once. You find it by drinking unicorn blood on a full moon, and it eats your babies, causes nuclear war, and has been known to sew buttons in strange places. […]


I was shown some things about thinking in scale. That there might be a model of an idea in, for instance, the form of a rather plain circle. That idea, however, might be representative of such a thing as how to raise oneself from the dead. Another circle, on the other hand, may be just […]


If you have in mind to make sense of things, one should go the path of faith and reason. If you need to pick one of the two, pick reason; but if both are available, put faith first. Further, if you go deeply enough into reason, you will end up in the layer of science. […]


there are zero matadors dancing on zero tables fighting zero ferocious bulls zero bloodthirsty spectators carried by zero flying carpets yelling zero metaphysical truths and the zero of the countdown makes much of such nothings as zero approaches in secret the flip of a dread switch when everything happens and the crowd goes wild at […]

True Love

How long had I been searching for true love? All my life. Maybe longer. That’s what it seemed like. Growing up, yes, I did think about sex a lot. A lot. But I did conceive it were a better thing to have one with whom to share such an experience, than desire a thousand naked […]


The original document that contained the contract for true love basically held the names of me & Jeanne, in the style of Native Americans. Eagle Feather and Rose. To reach even this, I actually performed what I call a Love Dance, similar I guess to the Rain Dance that you might have heard of. Instead […]


Of course, at times I have my doubts about this whole Judas thing. It’s natural. Barring the Gospel of Judas, very little has been written that is favorable about him. The Gospels themselves paint him with the same brush as they do the Antichrist, calling only those two “son of perdition”. But I am in […]


The Great Blasphemy