Of course, at times I have my doubts about this whole Judas thing. It’s natural. Barring the Gospel of Judas, very little has been written that is favorable about him. The Gospels themselves paint him with the same brush as they do the Antichrist, calling only those two “son of perdition”. But I am in a unique position. Not only have I seen things that point me in a completely different way, I have known what it feels like to think myself evil, when it turns out I am not. What it feels like for all indications seeming to point to myself being such a one, a “son of perdition.” I am sure it is not an accident, that I were chosen to spread this message. That Judas was no villain. And that this is part of the Good News.

There was this one time that I made a promise to the Lord, in prayer. I said that if he wanted me to be the accursed, the Beast 666, the Antichrist, then I would accept my place, and be the best Antichrist that I could be. This is an article of faith: the Lord knows better than you exactly what you are meant for. If after all my prayer and Bible reading, he said that this thing was what it was for, I could do nothing but believe him. And in fact, this point was tested in the visions I had. Assuredly, at one time I thought that it was coming to pass, that he was deigning to place me squarely in that role. And I did not fail this test of my faith. Until he let me off the hook, I accepted my fate. He was looking out for me the whole time, of course, and I did no damage, but there you go. You keep your promises. That’s how we roll.

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