The original document that contained the contract for true love basically held the names of me & Jeanne, in the style of Native Americans. Eagle Feather and Rose. To reach even this, I actually performed what I call a Love Dance, similar I guess to the Rain Dance that you might have heard of. Instead of a beating drum and chanting, I did it to the song, “In Your Eyes,” by Peter Gabriel, a song about Rosanna Arquette. Upon my completion, she had our names ready, me to transform from crowfeather to eagle feather, she from angeleye to rose (there’s also more to this particular name). Later, I had thought that I had written more, and I ended up bringing together heaven and earth, but I remember that dance, or at least, what came about from the motions of love that is true.

About the name “rose”, it comes from my idea of thinking of a flower to all the women I’d been involved with. I’d never found my rose, before Jeanne. The closest I had come was orchid, a woman I almost married, whom I’d believed true love lay with. Rosanna Arquette was oleander, the woman (aside from Jeanne) whom I’d known longest, even if it were just a part of my visions she’d been in. I’d known a tulip, and a daffodil, and lily (who blew the best kisses). Jeanne d’Arc I’d always had trouble with, defining her as a flower. I’d once chosen bird of paradise. I dunno, she never fit with anything. Until I discovered she’d always been in love with me. Then it was quite clear. My rose.

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