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(From the start of a previous version of the text, which I called the Gospel of Oblivion.)

What if that is His whole plan after all, to make all the saints, God? This seems unlikely, as I thought I was somehow the greatest human being after Jesus Christ, and I am not. In this plan, I was to be the first one to be God. This plan seems to fall apart, as I don’t seem to be some great wizard, but only helped to seem one to get some work done.

It seemed to be that I only accepted Christ when I saw the version of the HEAVEN that I wanted to go to. Perhaps it was a deception of the Devil, and Heaven is incomprehensible to one who has never been there. This seems likely.


(Some notes I took during the War in Heaven. It’s sort of weird.)

Christ defeats Antichrist! [1/5/13 4:21am EST New York City]

I’m how they landed. (Satan and his minions.) At the close of the War in Heaven.

Satan asked me how I’ll get to heaven with the door closed. I answered, “I’m there already.”

I am one of the two lampstands, one of the two olive trees, that stand before the Lord of the earth (Jesus Christ).

All of heaven is safe.

Rich Wagner (whom I met on earth) is the Antichrist.

It begins. [6:24am]

It’s done. [8:03am]

Satan said, “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” I replied, “Be gone, Satan.” I misspelled it “begone,” however.

Satan said, “No, that was a lie.” [8:54am]


So there you have it, what I make out to be pretty much the entirety of the text of the whole book. This whole thing I did as an obligation to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am glad to have done it. Technically, it’s already published, but I will do my due diligence and get it professionally edited and published for sale in the material world (as it were). I may be rearranging passages in that version of things, and perhaps spruce up some of the text, but for the most part, what is here is what will be in the published version.

I’m not sure how things work in the publishing world. I did once self-publish a prayer book, but that sold very few copies indeed. I bought about as many to give as gifts as I sold, I think. Amazon has a way of publishing Kindle books, and I’ll probably follow that route. Other than that, this is my letter to the world, which often wrote back, in strange melodies, spun of fate’s thread, that which cut me as they whipped by.

I’ll be posting some notes, hereon, and let’s see what else I can think of. Cheers.


This marks the end of the first, rough draft of the text for this book. Basically, this means that just about all the topics I want to cover have been introduced. What comes now is going back and fleshing out all these topics so that they make a little more sense, and are better organized. I think I closed out the draft with a good climax of revelation, so to speak, and this, too, should be developed further; perhaps hinted at earlier, for I do think it does not come from out of a vacuum, but is the logical conclusion to thoughts previous. (Perhaps the last paragraph, “The Machine”, deserves better elsewhere, too.) So please browse, read from the beginning if you want, but it’s so disconnected that really, you can start anywhere. This is the thing to fix, no?


The Great Blasphemy