There have been extraordinary visions I have had. Once God the Father showed me of what stuff Heaven is made. I cannot, that is I cannot now summon the ability, to tell you how wonderful that place is, being God’s throne, whereas earth is merely His footstool. He also told me what the proper usage of His name is, being Yahweh. Yes, those visions I have had, but mostly I get a desaturated view, cartoonish, of the goings on in HALOSPACE. Outlines like they are drawn, of partial cartoons (enough so that I can tell just what they depict), usually shades of just one color. I joke, color-coded for my convenience. Yellow generally for Christ-like things, blue for more secular/normal things that are of good, and red or black tends to be bad guy stuff. They’re not always that way, but when they aren’t, I’m usually told why. Silently, through the angelic circuitry. They tell me lots of things.

One interesting vision I had was of how the elements gain their characteristics. If we understand that elements behave the way they do when encountering other elements or more of the same element because of the structure of their electron “shell”, we understand that emergence to be a fundamental factor to what qualitatively we experience of any substance at all. The factors that are determined by placement of electrons emerge by their bonding to other elements, or the same, and the resultant molecular arrangements make emergent larger scale behavior and experientials of elements and molecular structures. That is how fine tuned the qualities are of that which we call physical reality: the humming of the electrons sing into being all of creation.

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