Rachel’s Heaven

This came from a conversation with Rachel Maddow, in my visions. This was after the Lord had said he was, “gay as a maypole”. The War was going on, and I had caught wind of the Devil’s rules of play: it was “anything goes.” So OK, the Lord was like, if that is what you want, we of Heaven can do you one better: Heaven will be a place where anything goes, as well: any kind of twisted pleasure will be available to those who get there. The catch was that you have to be a saint to get there, and you may only do something if it is right to do so. Given that, leave your hangups in Hell. This is saying not that we would impose rules; just the opposite, in fact, for the right is true freedom. So as a consequence, for one, any kind of thing which some call perverse (of gays, transvestites, women who used to be men, that all kind of thing) — that’s covered, that’s a part of Heaven. And that’s the kind of Heaven I want to be a part of.

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