So I was having trouble reconciling Judas’ fate, trapped in his vial. Then, a thought came over me, waves of thoughts, more like. I had been wrong this whole time, I had been deceived. Judas trapped in his little world was actually a sign of the great mercy of the Lord, that Judas had done no such thing as volunteer to betray him. Judas had acted in malice. For why would the Lord treat a great hero like this? Oh, but I dreaded to write that I had been so wrong; what of the name of the book itself? But then… we know that Judas can experience Heaven through a non-causal link: he is the only monad who is truly windowless. He cannot leave the vial, but he can experience any part of Heaven as if he could, with one difference from the rest of us: he experiences it like he were earth-bound. It is unique. He will be the only one will be able to experience pain (though I’m sure, not in excess). And that is how you treat a great hero.

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