Trash Layer

Philip K. Dick described God as being found in the trash layer of the world. This struck me as having a high content of truth. Why would this be, though? Is not God found above the highest heaven? Is not Heaven God’s throne, and earth merely a footstool? (I’m cold, I’m cold…) Yet I look back, when He visited this world, and showed His true nature. After shouting as he rode on a donkey, “Hosanna in the highest!”, what happened then? Did we make Him, then, King over all the earth? (I’m cold, I’m cold…) What has the crowd demanded, if it can be believed? Who are we leading to His final fate, in the streets of Jerusalem? (I’m cold, I’m cold…) Who is being raised upon a tree, upon a cross? Who have we crucified, for all of the world and eternity to see? (I’m cold, I’m cold…) It is God. And we have thrown him out.

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