One might wonder if just the fact that God knows exactly what we will do removes us from true free will. This is absurd. This is not a toy world (also an explanation why there are such things as pain), which only has a freedom within tiny limits. God is great enough to have given real free will to His creations: to do right or wrong, inflict injury or permanent death, or to use it for the cause of good. Even were this world completely deterministic, we firstly know that small changes in initial conditions means completely different outcomes; but even disregarding that: what if God knew what you would choose of your own free will and determined everything to that? That solves predestination and free will both together as compatible, don’t you think? And I’m not even being serious.

And now for something completely relevant:

Can God make a rock he can’t lift? No, He can.

(The question has always been of a light, mocking spirit, meant to make fun of the faith. This answer is in the same vein, and mocks back.)

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