At times to feel the darkness approacheth, a doom of all dooms. But I think not that it is the proximity to it we sense, but how terrible in magnitude it will be when it does come. Apocalypse. Perhaps in 30,000 years. When Christ says, “I come quickly,” it is merely a test of faith. For I have heard that He watched the whole 13.7 billion year spectacle that is our universe, all of it. He watches grass grow. Literally. Time to him is far outside our own frame of reference.

I beseech you: love, no matter what. Whatever may come, let this be your enlightenment, let this be your watercourse: be not but love, do not but love. My you bear malice toward no one, may you see your enemies not as enemies but tests of your faith. It was said St. Anthony apologized to all the demons whom he felt he had mistreated when he tangled with them. Apparently the expressions on their faces were priceless… You know what? There is no question, love is the answer… The secret is love. Tell everyone.

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