And wuv, twoo wuv, will fowwow you fowever and ever…

i am the prince of love, eagle feather that has found his rose, sweet to my sin; am i really going to eat that last bit of bacon jerky? i am the Grandson of God, first adopted son of JESUS CHRIST, i am a WIZARD, though more correctly, the paladin of heaven. i am like an angel in the way i think, and i think when i die, there will be a seat that rises from the floor of heaven where i will be seated in front of a steinway, to lead the entirety of the children of God in a one-time-only rendition of “love, baby…”, which we all will make up on the spot. the opening act for the Lord himself.

Is it me, for a moment? I have awoken where it was all just a dream that had happened, and it were like I had the choice to return to an ordinary life. I have awoken a saint, who walked with elders of times gone, speaking of what it means to love. I have thought that I was damned, made of corruption, and I have thought at different times that my core was composed of existential cool. How one mind can think such opposites is not as much a mystery, but rather as how one thing at a time may fully fill a soul as if it were the only thing in the world — and then that thing is gone.

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