Have to

There is no such thing as “have to”. Nothing “has to” be as it has been, as it seems, sometimes, how it must be. Just because it doesn’t make sense if, for instance, logic didn’t have to be logical, doesn’t mean logic has to be logical. Why does it have to make sense? That’s inductive thinking, as is all logic or metalogic, when it comes down to it. Because it’s seemed to work a certain way from as far back as it has been recorded, doesn’t mean it “had to” be that way, nor that it “has to” be that way. It is another astounding coincidence that things make sense. That we can rationally conceive of theories that model how certain things have worked, and continue to work. Einstein said so himself, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” I think he may have understood what I’m talking about.

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