The land of forms exists on the other side of zero, which is not nothing. Time cannot be destroyed, only spent. Death is as to be without light, nothing more. The halting problem may be solved using an infinite algorithm. Infinity can be packed into the finite. And there is a light above all other lights, higher than the highest heaven. And we call that light God. I AM is His name. Oh, but there is also this little bit I’ll get into at some point to come: “Walt Disney is God.” Well, not really, but there’s quite the story there.

I once performed an exorcism on myself, successfully. The demon’s name was Roksaza, which I learned later was actually a trio of demons. Also, later, I found out all I needed do to expel one of those fallen ones was ask for their true name and use it with the command, “Begone!” Live and learn. It was surprising that one mass of demons when I asked for their true name, it was “Legion”, like the one(s) in the Gospel. And that name I used, and with “Begone!”, they, too were gone. Surprising what actually does work.

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