How could it be that the Gospel got it so wrong about Judas? I met Judas, and he was one righteous dude, both literally and figuratively. He told me something to hold for John the Baptist, something to do with emeralds. He forbid me from ever watching an X-rated movie, ever again, my saint’s duty. This was when we all thought that being sealed in that vial meant goodbye forever. So what was I seeing? How could my visions be that wrong? For at least the Christian without my personal viewpoint, the Gospel is much the surer source of the truth. I did have in one smallish vision how God did know that all scripture would be altered, miscopied, misinterpretted, and this in the end served His purpose(s). Can I be being told that that is to determine to what degree I am to trust that which was written? The opposite of fundamentalism: to have faith in the fewest things, but to hold onto those dearly. Is that the Gospel According to Judas?

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