So, why does God need to test us, if He knows if we will succeed or fail? Why does God have us do anything, when He could do it all Himself? Well, why do we bother to have a world at all, if we are not to do anything in its rise or fall? Even if God knows what we will, we do not, until the action’s done. Why does God create those whom He knows will ultimately be thrown into the Lake of Fire? Why not create all those whom He knows are Heaven bound? What kind of a cop out is that? All of them had the chance. If they never were, they would never have had that chance, and God telling you that that is how they would end up would never have settled anyone’s consciences. We are given true freedom, all of us. And the consequences are real.

I can see what doubters see. Myself, I was a devout atheist for many of my days, earlier on. In college I debated believers into the ground. Why should we believe in a man in the sky, rather than, say, a flying spaghetti monster? What’s the difference between believing in God rather than believing unicorns? Are they not both far fetched? To them I say, God confounds the wise with what is plain to children. I understand looking at the beautiful and ugly of the world, and then the view how everything can be seen as without needing reason to be as it is. There is a subtlety to that great mystery which they miss, who think just so: do they not see the miraculous? In each and every thing that exists? In existence itself? If so, how can they not wonder at such order? If not, how can they not? Think.

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