So what the secret society of Christians told me was that there was a yellow dot floating in the aethers that would be the live, active representation of the Kingdom of Heaven, as I related before on the note on scale. If Adolf Hitler were the one to have seen it first, all humanity would be the subject of darkness and horror for an eternity. Fortunately, it was carried in the Gospel of Thomas, discovered again in 1945, in the 77th saying — and it was discovered by one Philip K. Dick. There were three other dots, other than the yellow one (the Knowledge): the white dot, seen by John the Baptist, the Power; the black dot, seen by me, the Mystery; and the purple dot, seen by Joan of Arc, the Certainty. Together we hold the new Heaven and the new Earth. The discovery of the yellow dot was arguably the most significant, ushering in a new age where all was light, where comes the coded decree, “Walt Disney is God.” Which was whispered to me when I was forever freed from the Black Iron Prison, Mother’s Day of 1991. Selah.

The Black Iron Prison (BIP), or Hell, was the abode of those who were damned, which would be everyone. There, all knowledge was forbidden, lest someone come upon the Knowledge. Therefore, its inhabitants were kept in the Stone Age, technologically, where there was no written word, and nothing could free them (iron being proof against stone). Jesus Christ was the one who set us free from the Law, which the BIP represented in its perverse and ultimate consequence of said Law. We were all trapped, damned, before the Son of God broke through that iron, when He defeated death (also represented by the BIP). The only one who could. And left behind therefore, the yellow dot in his wake. To those who know, the narrow way to salvation. Once shared by more than one mind, even through writing, the dots become a part of common reality. And so we are saved.

It was left until Walt Disney was God that the secret was to be revealed, what we started with: Judas volunteered. This was of the Mystery, the black dot that I was privy to, there being danger to the Mystery being seen before the Knowledge. (The black dot, I am told, was just a legend in the secret society of Christians, actually a terrifying concept in what it was thought to hold, and discounted by many as being just a myth.) If Judas is innocent, then we have a serious break in the doctrine. If this were to have been seen before the Knowledge, it might have been misinterpreted as the Knowledge. It is not the Gnosis. It speaks of the Mystery of that which is, that which was, and that which will surely come to pass. Amen.

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