You do not have to believe a word I say, it matters not to their truth. Faith does not work in the way you may believe in matters of the spirit. For those who hold that one must believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord, to be saved, and that those innocent will perish in any case that they do not do so, remember the lesson of Saul turned Paul. This was a case of instant conversion: so we know that God, by divine fiat, can make one a believer. Therefore it does not need, that question of faith, that they have to have heard and believed in the Good News before they die. Though in any case, it does immensely help.

Why is it that they speak of love and have nothing in their heart? Why would Jesus turn away the marginalized? Your idea of God is too small. Your idea of love is wrong. Who told you that the eyes of hate are the tint by which the Almighty views the world? Surely, the perverts and the addicts precede you into the Kingdom. How can you think you mean well? You damn righteous people and raise yourself as to the judges. As you have judged, may you then be judged also. And there will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

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