Gospel Again

So if the Gospel is wrong about Judas, why should we believe any of it at all? One thinks as to how the New Testament came to be in the first place. Notably, it was made of “books” that resonated with many of the populace, which seemed to help one the most make it through this life. No esoterica; those books that were obscure, which only were read by the fringe — these did not make it in. But we also know that the Gospels, and other books in the New Testament, were not written by whom they claim is their authorship. So what are we to believe? This is the new covenant, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He writes His law in our hearts. What resonates with you? Can you just accept firstly that God is love? Then you pretty much have everything you need to discriminate. We can use this method further than this, too. What else can we trust?

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