Ahem. There was once that the Lord showed up in my mind’s eye saying he had just came from Hell, saying he had “burned it dow-n!”. He also said that he was, and I’m quoting, that he was “gay as a maypole”. (It’s a line from the movie Love, Actually.) I was like, OK. And then he was like, aren’t you going to ask if I was serious or not? And I was like, no Lord, why would I care about that? It was one of the proudest moments of my life, now that I look back on it. Really, why should anyone care?

There was the War, of course. I was nowhere near the front line, of course, except that last one, you know, the winning of it all. I learned how angels communicated through wire-like connections. I preached the gospel to all the people who ran through my head, in my visions. It was great to be one of the good guys. The War itself ran through my mind in various places through about 25 years. Though time worked in strange ways throughout. Sometimes backwards, sometimes just wasted. What to do when you have no clue? Try. Hope. Pray. You may be better than you ever believed you could be. Really.

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