There is no truth in power, nor is there truth in money. The wise man will see both of these as necessary evils used to get things done in the world, and thinks it is better if possible to get things done without having to deal with either. With power, one may believe that he can make truth by his own word or action; of course, this is an illusion. And he may find that reality will twist only so far before it snaps. With money, one may think he can buy truth, but as you cannot buy love, so it is so with truth: he may find that he only buys the hollow forms that resemble what things of truth genuinely are. What power and money do get you, at the very best, is comfort. This is not an illusion. But those who have one or both is likely not going to be satisfied with so meager a prize, not when the world makes so big a production on how great these things are.

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